Long awaited and with high expectations I set out to devour Gary Veynerchuk’s latest book, The thank you economy.

As you may recall I got a signed copy from Gary some months ago but not until early July was the book available from Audible. So now I’ve listen to it and as so often the sequel does not live up to its expectations.

First. In Crush it Gary draws on his own experiences, takes you on his journey to ”fame and fortune” and describes how easily you can do the same with today’s internet tools.
In The thank you economy there is a focus on other people’s stories, and that is OK but not what I expected. For example half a chapter is about Chip Conley’s success in the hotel business. Something I read a whole book about just a few months ago. And it goes on in the same manner, another half of a chapter is dedicated to Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh’s letter to their employees when merging with Amazon which of course is detailed in Delivering Happiness that I read last year.

I think many of Gary’s fans also read what I read – more or less anything about businesses, media, and the Internet. So much of its content is redundant but, that said, the book is still interesting and inspiring. Not as good as I hoped and expected but still very good.

We always take something with us from every read that I think reflects on who we are. From this book I take:
”The stars in this business era will be those who are consumed with their work (and happy about it) and have the patients to pursue one small victory at the time.”
So, to all previous and possible future spouses I ask of you to understand that this is how I am wired and that is why I spend so much time working. It is not because I do not love you. Take notice!