How 208 dollars helped 38 entrepreneurs

Over the past five years I have assisted 38 entrepreneurs in developing countries to fulfil their dreams, or just helped them earn money to put food on the table. And I’ve done this with a total of USD 208. In early 2009 I found Kiva, a web service devoted to micro lendings with the smallest […]

Once upon an App

Yesterday I wrote a bit about my first steps in mobile development using WAP. This came about as found an old user’s manual for another mobile app we presented in 2001. That was a actual app, as they are defined today, downloaded to your mobile device, with local storage and synchronisation to the company’s server. […]

Once upon a WAP

Some fifteen years ago I started developing mobile applications, or in today’s terminology solutions as some of them where mobile web solutions requiring the user to connect using WAP. It was back in 1999, I was living in London with my new start-up SolutionPlanet. One day I wandered into the huge book store Foyle’s, just […]

The Startup of You

This book wants us to think of ourselves as entrepreneurs in our own careers. I like this approach a lot. Looking upon yourself and your skills as a startup, you have to change, adapt and pivot to meet your changing environment. You are in ”permanent beta”. The book is written by  Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha. […]

Business Model You

If you are familiar with the Business Model Canvas introduced in the best selling book Business Model Generation you will certainly understand and like this book. The Business Model Canvas is a handy visual way to summarise and describe any business or product idea on a single sheet of paper. Business Model You builds on […]

The end of publishing

As an internet marketeer and a recently published author this is close to my heart Thanks to Lena Forsslund for sharing this one with me.