Most startups fail. This is the base for Eric Ries’s thought in this book and this comes from his own startup failure. But according to Eric many of those failures are preventable if we just understand the mechanics of a startup and the entrepreneur.

Eric also want to redefine the entrepreneur as not just the sole proprietor starting a vision in some garage but as a role that should be in any and all organisations – of any size.

One thing that I will take away after the very first listen to The Lean Startup is how we often spend months on developing services or products that no one needs or even wants… Especially for a technical it-developer as myself it is so ”easy” to find the technical solutions to a problem and then spend months developing it before talking to customers. What we should do is to start with the business, test it without any technology at all, maybe keying in everything by hand as a customer give us the data. Developing the business model and proposition first and test that manually before getting down to coding will save us lots and lots of time.

I will give this book a second listen in some weeks but so far it has opened my mind to new thinking in many areas. Thanks Eric.