This biography is massive, it is more than four times longer than the The Steve Jobs way I read end reviewed some weeks ago. It ends after 25 hours and 7 minutes!

But, it never drags on, never gets boring or uninteresting. There is a good flow in the story. It is not told in an absolute chronological order but takes bits and pieces as they happen over time.

This is probably a rather true biography, it does take into account all Steve’s oddities and weird (at least to me) behaviour. I would not last a day with this man, but at the same time I truly admire what he has accomplished and at times I can see myself acting, or at least thinking, the same way. With the same passion for the company I created and with the same frustration when not everyone work towards the goal I set out or not show the same enthusiasm.

This is a very good book! It covers the story from the pre-Apple days to his last days of fighting the loosing battle with cancer. But it is not just about Steve’s business accomplishments with Apple, Pixar and Next but also his private life, girlfriends, children and food habits.

If you do not have 25 hours to spend I really recommend ”The Steve Jobs way” as that sums up the most important things in his life. But this book is well worth spending a whole day with.