Some fifteen years ago I started developing mobile applications, or in today’s terminology solutions as some of them where mobile web solutions requiring the user to connect using WAP.

7110It was back in 1999, I was living in London with my new start-up SolutionPlanet. One day I wandered into the huge book store Foyle’s, just too browse and because I like books.

I came out with a book called ”WAP development” and went straight home to see what this was about, what possibilities the mobile internet brought. I was convinced that the mobile was an important on-the-go channel for information.

The development was rather constraint, the bandwith low, the cost for connection high and the interface rough. But it was what we had and we made the most of it.

One of the first solutions that came out of this new knowledge was mobile access to your inhouse Lotus Notes e-mail. Our solution came to be very popular, especially for the executives that needed access to e-mail from anywhere at any time. Our users came from Benetton, Aprilia motorcycles, Dunhill and lot’s of other companies around the world.

Mobility has come a long way in the past fifteen years and I’m please that I was part of its start.