Last Friday was a beautiful sunny day and I decided to suit up for the monthly SSMC (Stockholm Social Media Club) luncheon. It felt really good 🙂
Part due to that the intense cold of this winter is finally budging and part that it just felt good wearing a suit again… Well it did.

I have for the past few years spent more and more time working at our offices (not meeting clients) and also doing lots of work at the warehouse doing deliveries, unpacking stuff and doing lots of hands on work. Hence not really working in a suit, but I found that I miss that…

So, instead of dress down Fridays I hereby initiate ”Suit up Friday” – I think that this is right up the street in our casually dressed society.

So, will you join me? I hope you will.

Today I went out and updated my wardrobe with a black suit from Sand, three good shirts and some new ties. Will be ”inaugurated” on Friday.

Style is never out of fashion. Join #suitupfriday – every Friday.