I have just been through a weekend that really took me on an emotional roller coaster. Ups and downs, twists and turns and the ride has not yet ended…

The value is the sum of the efforts

When I look at my rather successful career as an entrepreneur I find that persistence has played a major roll. When I was a child I was also an entrepreneur, even if I did not know that word, but I invented things, started projects and came up with ideas to both left and right. But the persistence was never there, most projects ended at an early stage as I found something more interesting to do. This has changed a lot over the years and is something that I’m actually quite proud of – I do not give up if I believe in it.
However, I also know when to quit, when to give up and just cut my losses.

This is something I’m good at in business. In my personal life it is not always the same, but I’m learning. I have over the past year started to adopt the same philosophy when it comes to dating and women. It is important to evaluate the relationship, to understand the risks and benefits and to make decisions accordingly.

But if it is too easy it has no value. In the book The Dip Seth Godin says that in business you need to beat the dip, to endure it because if it was easy to run a successful business everybody would. It is about quitting at the right time for the right reasons and knowing when to stick to the path and work hard to get out at the other end as a winner and reek in the rewards.

And I think it is the same with relationships. Sometimes you need to cut your losses and move on, sometimes stick with it through thick and thin as you believe the rewards at the other end will be so much greater. The value is the sum of the efforts?