Some weeks ago I received a phone call from a man introducing himself as:
– Hi it’s Christian, do you remember me? We used to work together some 15 years ago.

To be totally honest I didn’t, but after some explaining I knew who he was and then he said he was starting a new company and wanted to engage me as his mentor in entrepreneurship and business in general. Wow – I felt really honoured!

Then I thought (being my modest self), what can I contribute? It still feels I’m winging most decisions in business… Then again, this year it is 24 years since I started my first company and I have learnt a lot. So, I gladly accepted.

The mentorship is run through a government fund aimed to assist new entrepreneurs in Sweden and today I received the agreement. I’m now officially a mentor!
Reading up on Mentors it is a tradition going back to ancient Greece (Wikipedia) – cool.