Now I’ll share an idea with you that I hope someone will take onboard and just do.

If you haven’t been locked away for the past ten years you have seen and been amazed by the fantastic online retailer Net-a-porter. Founded by Natalie Massenet in 1999, she came from a job as editor at the Tatler magazine.
This truly show when you look at Net-a-porter’s magazine, and herein lies my idea.

This magazine approach to e-commerce is unique and very inspiring. If I had the time I would take this approach and sell gadgets or interior decoration or why not food? This way you add value to the reader/shopper by writing about the items in an editorial fashion and then being able to provide that item, then and there, is a fantastic feature. Just do it, please someone.
Add value to e-commerce in stead of taking the simple and destructive path of discounts and low prices! If you are good, you don’t have to be cheap.