Today IBM published a case study of how my company Calzessa use an e-commerce platform built on the IBM Domino server. And the IBM Business Partner doing the development is my other company SolutionPlanet. Well, I guess this is in order as Calzessa is not an IT consultancy, but it does feel a bit peculiar when one know the background…

This said, I am very pleased with the case study as such and its conclusions. I think we have achieved a state of the art solution that really meet the needs we have for our e-commerce business. The solution support every step of the business and really make it possible to purchase, sell and deliver with a minimum of resources.

”Taking an end-to-end approach to business process management means that we can keep very lean staffing levels without compromising on quality or customer service.”

With this well written Case study in hand I hope we can get some interesting cooperation in the field of international e-commerce. Just give me a ring!