Start-ups or projects

As one goes through life, in my case mostly business, one come across so many issues and obstacles that one could/should do something about. For the the past year and a half I have begun working on at least the following four start-up ideas or let us just call them projects – that take off […]

Yabot, News for your website

The Yabot news aggregation service started as a ”fun project” as we needed a free search tool for online news from Sweden. This was back in 2005 and there were very few credible news sources available as RSS feeds… Yabot eventually became its own company and is today run from London. The name Yabot is […]


I founded SolutionPlanet Ltd as I moved to London after my divorce in 1998. The company’s goal was to develop off the shelf solutions for IBM’s Lotus Domino platform. I had been working with Lotus Notes/Domino for a few years and was at this time a member of Lotus’ Executive Partner Council in EMEA and […]

Fashion e-commerce

Coming back from London I had an idea for an e-commerce site in my baggage. As we hit a low in my IT consultancy I took a gamble and put most of my savings and time into the new venture and launched (Strumpor För Qvinnor) in October 2003. The e-shop was about selling hosiery […]