This month it is 30 years since I registered my very first company. I may have been running company like ventures prior to this but this was the first officially registered company.

Its name was MVV, Monday Video Vision, and I was to produce commercial video ads and music videos. The reason for this rather odd name was simple, I had found a really cool sound jingle that called out ”Monday”.

In those days equipment for video recording and editing was very expensive and I was lucky to have parents that supported me with the (barely) portable cameras and analogue mixing tables.

How the business went? Not too bad actually. With the innocence and energy of youth I did lots of recordings of stage performances for the upcoming group Plaza, click the album cover for their hit Playgirl. And I also made some ads that was displayed in shop windows.

After some years the business started importing and selling software for the Sinclair ZX81 and eventually changed name to Software DMI but that is another story.